Thursday, January 21, 2010

AFP Test

My midwife called the same day we found out that Hunter was, well, Hunter about the AFP test. It was a little overshadowed by the very exciting ultrasound we had that day. Everything came back negative; negative for Spina Bifida, Down Syndrome, and whatever else it tests. It has a small false negative rate, so when we go back this coming Wednesday for the 20 week ultrasound they will also be looking for markers.

I can't believe next week we will be halfway through the 40 weeks! We had a coupon for 15% off to Babies R Us so we went and purchased our pack 'n play. Let me tell you, it is hard deciding on the "perfect" one. Especially since Carl and I have totally different tastes. I like bright, fun colors (hence our kitchen) and he likes calm, neutral colors. We ended up with the pack n' play we had originally picked out when we bought Hunter his cute outfits. We also checked out the stroller/car seat combos. Again, we like different colors, but he made some compelling arguments, and we decided on the jogging stroller/car seat combo. It is a little boring of a color, but Carl said that if he is out by himself with Hunter, he won't feel "less masculine" pushing around this stroller. We received a 20% off coupon in the mail, so we will get the stroller/car seat when that coupon goes into effect.

I'm getting Hunter's room all together (as much as I can). I finally painted the closet yesterday (we never painted any of our closets when we moved in). So I was able to wash the clothes that we do have, I just need to go buy baby hangers. And, if you know me, those hangers all have to be the same and white. Don't ask... I'm neurotic when it comes to hangers and closet organization.

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Ashley said...

cute choices you two! great job compromising :)