Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gavin's Dermatology Appointment

We went for Gavin's dermatology appointment last week.  His skin was actually looking so much better and was so soft compared to what it had been (a few of our friends actually commented on how good it was looking) and I was worried the doctor would think we were crazy for bringing him in.  His skin still had some rough spots, it just wasn't covering his body.

We discussed all the things we were using at home (wash/soap, lotion, topical creams, laundry detergent, etc.) and what we felt made it better/worse.  The dermatologist told us that yes, his skin was looking pretty good, but we could get it under even better control.

We were told to stop using goat's milk soap as it still can dry the skin and start using either Aveeno, CeraVe, or one other one.  Since we are already using CeraVe lotion, she suggested getting the body wash as well.  We were given a stronger prescription for a hydrocortisone cream with valerate and then another prescription for the yeast that was growing in his creases.  We were given descriptions of yeast versus eczema and when to use which cream.  We are to lotion him up 5-6 times a day (that's pretty difficult!).

It has been a week and I'm a terrible mother and have not gotten those prescriptions filled!  We go to a mom-and-pop pharmacy out in a different part of our city and I just haven't been able to make it out that way.  I will pass by it tomorrow, so I will drop the scripts off and pick them up while out there!  We have a hydrocortisone cream still here that I use 2x daily and it is doing a decent job at controlling it for now.

Eczema can be impacted by weather, moisture, stress levels (I had no idea), foods, etc. etc.  Carl and I thought that the decrease in his formula had helped his skin, which it may have, but the weather last week was also very mild.  This week it has been really hot and spots on his legs have popped up.  It still isn't what it was, so I still believe that the reduction in formula is part of it with an increase in real food.  The dermatologist stated that there isn't one "fix it" but it will be a combination of things that manage it.

We are hoping he will eventually outgrow this, but if he doesn't, we could be dealing with worse things.

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Veronica Kaack said...

Bris eczema was caused by her having celiacs disease. Once she stopped eating gluten and wheat products and dairy hers is cleared up totally and we have had no issues. I hope its something not so serious for you guys.