Monday, September 22, 2014

Gavin is 7 months

Gavin is growing like a weed!  If I weren't totally against the boys playing football, Gavin could definitely be a line backer!  This child can put away some food.  I'm really scared what our house is going to be like when both boys are teenagers!

At 7 months....
-Gavin is sitting up unsupported.  He was doing this last month, but he has really perfected this.  He even caught himself with his arm as he was starting to fall to the side, and pushed himself back into a sit.  We have been working through the motions of going from side laying to sitting.
-Is trying to crawl.  We can move backwards (it's nothing pretty) and turn ourselves in a circle.  He is finally getting the concept of pulling his knees up under him.  However, we still aren't really rolling.  He has done it, I know he can do it.  Now our arm is getting stuck out to the side every time we try to roll.  This creates a problem in the middle of the night when he wants to be on his back.  He is now back to being put on his back to sleep.
-He is giving high-fives when requested and is so proud of himself.
-He can wave hi/bye, but he is not consistently responding to these greetings.  I'd say it is probably 60% of the time.
-He is playing peek-a-boo.  He will intentionally cover his face and wait for someone to ask, "Where's Gavin?" and he pulls the item down.
-He is sleeping through the night.  Woohoo.  Sometimes he will whine for a few minutes, but goes back to sleep.  If he wakes up at 4:00, we are able to stay in our room and he talks himself back to sleep (within 10-15 minutes).  Then he wakes up at 5:00/5:30 and we feed him.  He typically goes back to sleep for a little while after this feeding.
*After writing this draft, he started waking up in the middle of the night screaming.  This is why I don't write about good sleep with Gavin... EVER*
-He has a pretty good routine going.  While home on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday he will take a nice morning nap and a nice afternoon nap with 2-3 cat naps at some point during the day.  Fridays are tricky because of Hunter's drop off.  Gavin has been wanting to go down for a nap 10 minutes before we have to leave.
-Like I said, the kid can put away some food!  He loves his purees and I've been making it less smooth so he is really having to practice his skills.  He is also eating the Gerber sticks.  He is really getting the bite and munching down.  As he gets more proficient, I will start introducing more table foods.  I've given him pieces of banana and he's been pretty successful with those.
-He's still in 12 month clothing.  I've had to change the rise on some of his diapers (his cloth diapers grow with him).
-He loves blowing raspberries!  And he is trying to imitate "buhbuh" (what we call Hunter).  He really watches our mouths as we repeat CVCV words (buhbuh, mama, dada, etc.).
-He is beginning to mellow out.  He continues to be high maintenance, but is able to go longer periods of time without having to have one of us right there with him.

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