Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Not much has been going on.  I'll post an update on Carl's school hopefully later this week and then I have some exciting news to share at the beginning of June.  No, not pregnant.

Just a little catch up from the past few weeks...

Last week was teacher appreciation week at work.  I get counted as a teacher since I work in a school, so I get the benefits as well.  My students spoiled me this year.  I was so excited when I got this card from one of my students and she had used "you're" correctly.

We have had a lot of rain these past few weeks.  At some point (when it wasn't thundering), Hunter and I went puddle jumping outside.  When it did thunder for the first time that afternoon, he was not a happy camper coming back in the house.

Along with the rain, we also had some nice, hot weather.  Don't mind us, we hang out in the front yard in the "baby" pool.  We bring a little redneck to our street, haha.

My birthday was on Mother's Day and Kelly bought me some yummy cup cakes!!  Thank you Kelly!  They were so delicious!

We bought a new (to us) couch this weekend from a friend.  Hunter really likes it a lot.

Hunter found his birthday present from Cubbie, hahaha.

If I didn't have a meeting later in the afternoon that I took this picture (or a ton of students I would have had to make up), I would have called out sick and crawled into bed with him.

Tonight's bath.

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