Monday, February 21, 2011

Loving This Weather!

Although I will not be loving it tomorrow! We have been in the 60's and 70's since Friday, but tomorrow it is going to drop down to the 40's.

Hunter and I played outside one afternoon this past week when it was in the 60's. He enjoyed watching Koal roll run around in the yard and chase sticks. He also enjoyed playing with the leaves.

Carl, Hunter, and I went to a local park/walking path on Saturday. It is a mile and a half walk (one that I took almost daily with Kelly and Emma over the summer trying to convince Hunter to come out). We didn't walk the whole thing because it was so windy. We turned around about half a mile into it.

Saturday is also our The Little Gym class. There was a trial who was the same age as Hunter. Hunter LOVED her! The little girl's mom had her standing in front of Hunter and he just grabbed her and pulled her to his face. He was just loving on her. We also went today (since I had off for Presidents' Day), but he didn't seem to like anyone.

We also were able to Skype with Aunt Nat this weekend. Hunter has become more interested in this (or maybe just the computer). He does smile and scream talk to Nat.

And, with a heavy heart, I packed up all of Hunter's 6-9 and 9 month clothes. He has been out of them for a while, but I didn't have a container to put them in. They are finally packed away ready to go in the attic.

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Sarah Halstead said...

So cute. He is getting so big! Love his hat. :)