Tuesday, February 22, 2011

8 Months!

I cannot believe Hunter is 8 months old! Only 4 more months until I have to start calling him a toddler.

At 8 months, Hunter is:
-On the move! Not crawling or walking, but he is scooting backwards and rolling around. If I put him in one spot in a room, in about 2 minutes he is on the opposite side of the room.
-Pulling up on things. He enjoys standing and will let go of things. He can hold himself up for a few seconds before losing his balance and having to put his hands back on the object he is hold onto.
-We have to lower the crib mattress tonight. I set Hunter in it to take something out of the dryer, and this is what I came back to:

He was on his knees. Luckily I got there before he pulled himself to a full stand. For the record, I put him in the middle of the crib.

-Loves Koal. He will look for him every time he hears his nails on the floor. If we have moved him in our room early in the morning, as soon as he sits up in bed he searches for him.
-He also loves to eat. We have been giving him more and more table food. He also loves to drink from his sippy cup. As of right now, he will drink juice and his formula from it.
-He is trying very hard to sit up on his own. He is going to have some abs of steal! He is trying to sit straight up from his back. I have been assisting him.. I put him on his side, pull his legs to the floor, and put his arm on the floor to have him push up. He is getting a lot better at this.
-I'm not sure he is ever going to crawl. It is so good for their spine and back muscles to crawl, but he will get to his knees, then push his knees off of the floor in a bear walk position. He is a pro at going backwards. I think he might just go straight to walking.
-He is wearing 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers.
-I love how vocal he is! If he wants some one's attention (whether it is the dog's or someone on TV), he makes a loud, "Uh!" He is using lots of different consonants and is attempting to label things. We have "duh" for the dog right now. Every time Koalwalks by, "Duh!" Loooove it (but I'm also biased on the things I love because of my profession).

On another note, tomorrow Carl will be taking Hunter to the pediatrician. Poor guy has been to the doctor more in his 8 months (not including his check ups) than I have in my life. His eczema has gotten worse, and last night it kept waking him up. He was just scratching and so uncomfortable. Mrs. Cathy said he was very uncomfortable and itchy again today. We will see what else we can do for his poor skin. You can see his red face below, but it is the worst on the top of his head and on the side of his face.


Kathy said...

I LOVE reading your blogs!! Since I don't get to see Hunter very often and I can't see your Facebook posts, this is the only way I get to see what he looks like and what he's doing! He is growing up SO FAST!! :-(
I love him and you and Carl, too!!

Our Baby "D" said...

That picture of him in the crib-SO cute! Love it. We're about to lower Greyson's for the same reason...he pulled up on his changing table the other day...while he was on it! Silly boys! We'll have to get them together one day when the weather STAYS nicer :)

Anonymous said...

So adorable! Poor guy about the eczema. Someone was telling me about this stuff from babies r us. http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11013486

Tiffany said...

Amanda- I'm sure the boys would love each others' company! Hunter loves other kids.

Sarah- Thanks! Wish I had tried that before we got his $63 prescription creams, lol. I told Carl those better work miracles and make him super comfortable.