Friday, July 16, 2010

The Past 3 Weeks In Pictures

Warning: This post is going to contain A LOT of pictures. Here are more pictures of our hospital stay, the visitors, and the 3 weeks home. My next post will more than likely be his newborn photo session. They turned out awesome, but I don't want to post the link until I have the disk to post my favorites. :]

Hospital pictures:

Holding his bottle all by himself

Changing Hunter's diaper for the first time
This is the first time I remember holding him

And 2 become 3

Hospital visitors:
Carl's mom... Nina
Aunt Natalie
Auntie Kelly
Emma meeting Hunter
Auntie Katie
Hunter's great-grandma... Nana
Aunt Tabitha
Uncle Chris and Auntie Ashley
Hunter's girlfriend Renee


Finally home!

Meemaw Swann
For the record... he didn't sleep exactly like this


Meemaw Massey

Cousin Kaylee
Aunt Mel

Cousin Carolyn

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