Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Month Old

I believe Hunter turned a month on Tuesday since he was 4 weeks old. My sister says that today is Hunter's 1 month birthday since it is the 22nd. So using her logic, I'm posting this today, not because I didn't have time on Tuesday.

Hunter is starting to smile at us. It is nothing consistent and he wasn't smiling because of gas. He smiled at Carl first and I got one the next day. It was awesome.

He is still loving bath time. Last night I put him in and he stretched out his little legs and relaxed. If only he had put his hands behind his head. :]

Cradle Crap... I mean Cap. Ugh. Poor guy has it in his head, eye brows, and his eye lids. I've been gently scrubbing with a wet wash cloth at night. Tonight I'm going to try baby oil on his head and his soft brush to help loosen the stuff as suggested by my sister.

We have been working on his head control. He is getting pretty good, but is no where near full control. He is staying awake more during the day. I send Daddy pictures and videos every day so he can feel like he is here. We are still doing prune juice in the morning and at night and it seems to help, although it makes his poops smell a little.

My goal the next couple of weeks is to start giving him breast milk from a bottle during the hours I will be at work so it isn't a shock the first day. I also need to start visiting more people so that he can not be so Mommy needy.
So I have no idea if these videos will work. It is showing an error when I try to play them.

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