Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 Weeks

Ah! I can't believe our baby is 3 weeks already (technically, 3 weeks and 2 days). He amazes me everyday.

Koal and Hunter looking at each other

We had a little issue with pooping last week. He wasn't really having bowel movements, was extremely gassy, and was in a lot of discomfort. After convincing the nurse, who was scheduling same-day appointments, that I wasn't being a crazy first time mom, we went and saw a nurse practitioner in the practice. We LOVED her! She listened to us and went above and beyond what we expected out of our appointment. She explained other things about Hunter that were normal (like his belly muscles, or lack there of) and some things to keep an eye on (his left eye). I had come prepared (advised by Mel) with a list of all the things I had done to help him poop/pass gas just in case I got flustered, but ended up not needing to even look at it because she was just so nice. We ended up having to give him a suppository and we give him a quarter of an ounce of prune juice mixed with a quarter of an ounce of water in the morning and at night. I am happy to say he is pooping and he had a major blow out while we were eating lunch at Chick-fil-a. :] Auntie Kelly took him to change him... little did she know how much poop was actually covering his body, lol.

His mini-me

His cord finally fell off Sunday night (okay, it was hanging on by a thread and Carl gently encouraged it off). Had it not fallen off before Monday, we would have had to go back to the doctor to make sure he didn't have a very rare blood disorder. So now we do really good baths. He LOVES bath time (again, as long as he isn't hungry). He just sits in there and lets us pour water all over him, even his head. It is amazing to me that Carl use to teach swim lessons (even for babies) and he gets nervous about me pouring water over his head and it dripping down his face. :]

Hunter is starting to hold his head up more often. He enjoys books (when he isn't hungry), his swing, and his vibrating chair. He isn't a fan of when daddy comes in for kisses (I think it is his facial hair). Last night he was actually pushing away from Carl as he leaned in to give him kisses. Funny... but also kind of sad. He has been sleeping a 3-4 hour stretch at night (it had been a 5 hour stretch until the poop issue) and we have started to swaddle him again.

He went to the bowling alley for the first time last night. We didn't stay long; it was close to bed time. He also attended his first baby shower and was kicked by one of the babies (my girlfriend is having TRIPLETS!). Hunter got to meet my old soccer coach and his grandchildren. We will also be making our first of many trips to Brown Wren Acres to have lunch with Ashley and her mom. He will get to see goats and chickens and one day play with them.
Getting practice in

We grew up together
My old soccer coach

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