Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hunter is very comfortable where he is. I am pretty sure he isn't going arrive any time soon. I'm only 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced. His head is low, but isn't engaged.

He was served his eviction notice yesterday during our 39 week appointment. If he has not arrived by next Friday (18th), we will have a non-stress test performed at our appointment, and then will be scheduled to go to the hospital Monday night and then Tuesday morning I will be given pitocin to start contractions. Unfortunately, if we have to go this route, I will not be able to walk around. I will only be allowed to sit in the bed, on the ball, or in the rocker and walk to and from the bathroom. I'm really hoping he decides to come on his own because I would prefer to be able to walk around to help me dilate. If he does decide to come on his own, I'm guessing he comes between tomorrow and Wednesday because my midwife is out-of-town and that would be my luck. But, as my friend Kelly (who is a L&D nurse) says, they really just come in a catch. So, if he does come during those times, hopefully either Kelly or another one of my nurse friends will be working. :]

I've been walking at least a mile and a half almost every day, doing squats, sitting on the exercise ball, etc. to help convince him to come. I even jumped in a kid bouncer this past weekend at my sister's mother-in-laws surprise party with no luck.

I really haven't been anxious for him to come (I mean, I have, but it hasn't bothered me that he isn't here) up until the last week and a half. I really just want to meet him and cuddle him. Carl told me I was being selfish because I'm not sharing our son with him, lol. I will gladly give him my belly for a while, I would love to see my ankles with no swelling.

In other news, Hunter's nursery is TOTALLY complete. I'll post pictures later on. I also received my degree in the mail today. Woohoo! It's official. :] Now I can send my official transcript off to places.

Sorry this is the only picture for this post. Hopefully my next post will be titled "He's Here!!!"

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