Friday, June 18, 2010

Nonstress Test

Since I'm 40 weeks and 2 days, at today's appointment we had an NST. Everything looks great. I had a few contractions during the NST and Hunter's heart rate didn't drop. He is perfectly happy in there. To get him to move more, they have this thing that vibrates and they put it on your belly. He really didn't like that. Carl did have fun putting it to my belly to make him mad once my midwife stepped out of the room (okay, I admit, I did encourage him to do it). The readers (yet another technical term) that they placed on my belly have to be really tight. They left some fun imprints. These fun readers will be hooked up to me once they start pitocin. My midwife said I should hope for a fast labor so I wouldn't have to have those on me for very long. :]

We are scheduled for an induction on Tuesday. We go in Monday at 5pm to get situated, then my midwife will meet us there and insert a catheter and create a balloon with it. I'm not sure what time they will start pitocin, but we should be in active labor Tuesday. Hopefully he will be here on the 22nd (if not sooner). :]

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