Friday, June 18, 2010

How are you feeling?

I really don't mind people asking me this. Because in all honesty, I feel fine. I guess that's the problem being 40 weeks and 2 days, ha. This pregnancy has been good to me; I'm healthy and Hunter is healthy. What more could you ask for? I was able to work (remember, I taught 1-7 year olds gymnastics) until I was almost 37 weeks. I could have probably worked longer, but my parents were giving me the worried look every time I walked into class. I've been able to walk at least a mile every day and live basically the same life I lived before I was pregnant. All and all, my pregnancy has been good. I shouldn't complain.

But, if I can be honest (and, since it is my blog, I will be), there are some things that I haven't really enjoyed. And, since I want to be able to remember everything about this pregnancy, I will just list those things.
-Swelling... all the time... in my legs, my feet, and my hands. Sometimes parts of them go numb. But, blood pressure is good so there is no need to worry.
-Peeing.... every hour at night. And having to roll this big belly out of the bed. I should have taken Carl up on his offer on building me one of those things that transports whales from one water to another.
-Having to get off the couch. Our seats are tilted back, so getting up is quite the task. I have now resorted to sitting on the exercise ball if I'm sitting down.

Really minor things, but I feel I can be honest on here. I hear you forget all these things once the baby has arrived. So, when Carl and I are discussing a second baby down the road, I will come back here and ask myself if I'm ready for all of these things again. :]

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