Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Past Week (or 2 or 3)

Here are some pictures of the recent weeks. I wish I had the excuse that Hunter arrived and that is why I haven't updated. I just haven't felt like waiting for the pictures to upload (anyone else having issues with how long it takes for pictures to upload?!).

On Mother's Day Carl and I had maternity pictures taken. The proofs look awesome and I'm in love. As soon as the CD comes in the mail, I will post pictures on here. The photo session motivated Carl to get Hunter's letters up in his room and the pack and play in our room. He definitely wasn't trying to avoid having his picture taken, not my husband. :] Koal actually appears in a few photos. We will be using her for our newborn pictures as well.

We also went strawberry picking out in Pungo on Mother's Day with my sister, her 3 girls, and her mother-in-law. I love fresh strawberries, they are just so much better than store bought. I think they taste even better when they have been sitting in the sun than once they have been put in the fridge. I filled a huge kitchen mop bucket (clean of course) and paid $9! The little containers at the store are like $5 and I probably had 10 of those in my bucket. We did have a little bit of an issue with a thief by the name of Molly. If you weren't looking, she would steal your berries from the bucket and eat them. The farmer probably should have weighed her before and after our adventure and charged us for her. It reminded me of 2 years ago with Ryleigh. My sister has more pictures from our adventure (and some of me picking strawberries a few days before I was "officially" 9 months pregnant).

Deja vu?

Ashley, Devyn, and I met up for a lunch date for all of our birthdays. Miss Ella has gotten so big! She was such a little ham. Ashley ate one of her Cheerios and she looked at Devyn like, "Mom, did you see that?! That lady just ate one of MY Cheerios!" It was so funny. The next time we go on a lunch date we won't be able to say it is a "girl's lunch" since we will have Hunter. :]

My last day at The Little Gym before Hunter was yesterday. It is very bittersweet. I LOVE my job there; it is rewarding to watch the kids grow and progress. I've had a lot of those kids since I started and my Parent/Child kids I've had for 2 semesters. I'm hoping to teach my Parent/Child class in the fall. Carl and I will be taking Hunter to class starting in the fall at 8:30 on Saturday mornings. I'm very excited. It isn't exactly his age group (okay, it isn't his age group, it is the one up from his age group) but we are unable to make it to his age group classes since they are during the day during the week. But I truly believe in our program, which is why he will be attending classes there. Only 3 more years until he can go into an independent class, haha.

We have basically finished Hunter's nursery. I have a few collages I need to find frames for and hang around his room. I've packed his hospital bag, mine is somewhat packed, and we had the car seat installed by the fire department yesterday. It is crazy seeing a car seat in the back of my car. I told Hunter he can now come because we are totally ready (well, I'd like to get one more good house scrubbing in before he comes).

His lovey is waiting for him

The link is a lot shorter than that now!
I love the blanket Ashley made. I don't want him to get it dirty yet, so it is wall decor.

Look at all of those books!

My favorite spot :]

I think we are set on diapers for a while

Tomorrow marks 37 weeks. Saturday night I was waking up every hour with really good contractions. I really thought I was going into labor. But, no, by 5 AM they had stopped. Boo. Anyways... there will be no more naked belly pictures. I wish I could brag and say I am like my sister with no stretch marks. But, I have gotten a few on the lower part of my belly. Ugh. So much for getting back into a bikini. Looks like the ones in storage will have to find a new home.

I'll have Carl take a better one... but this is my "I want the swelling in my ankles to go away look" after cleaning.
I'm not sure how much bigger this thing can get

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