Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gavin at 11 months

Ahhh! This chunkamonk will turn 1 next month! How did this happen? The saying is so true, "The days are long, but the years are short." Guess I need to start getting the invitations for his party ready!

At 11 months....
-Your words are: dada, bubu (our nickname for Hunter), Hunter, baba (bottle), bubble, hi, hello, tree (approximation), book, ball, mama, nana (banana), night-night (approximation). You make a dinosaur noise, a dog noise, and continue to use "uh oh" appropriately. You yell for dada and sometimes mama when you are in your crib. You are also imitating a lot of words, but will not use them on your own. You imitated "Keykey" (Kaylee's nickname), heater, hat, and some others that I can't remember.
-You were put on a diet by one of the nurse practitioners at our pediatrician's office. You were throwing up what appeared to be randomly, then were your happy self. No fever, no diarrhea, just vomit. Carl took you in and she said you were getting entirely too much formula with how much table food you eat. She wanted three, 4 ounces bottles a day. 4 ounces doesn't cut it for you in the morning and before bed, so we do 6 ounces at those feedings and a 4 ounce bottle at lunch. This has worked amazingly! No more vomiting, no more reflux. They had filled a prescription for Zyntac, but since it cleared up on its own, we never gave you the medicine.
-You are crawling! Slow and steady. You are still working on the muscle movement memory, but you can. You also can get back into a sitting position from your belly.
-We had to move your crib down. You were fighting your nap and were rolling all over your bed. You sat up in the corner and realized you could reach the top rail. You pulled yourself up! I watched the whole thing on the monitor. You were so proud of yourself when I walked in. Stinker!
-You are so dramatic! The other morning, you had pooped, so we had to go get your wipes out of the dryer. You were so mad that I wasn't taking you into our room to snuggle, you threw a fit. You kept reaching towards the door and yelling, "Dada!" You love to throw your head and body backwards when you are angry. We have to tell you "no" very sternly to try to teach you that it's not okay (one day you are going to crack your head open!).
-We are in the thick of separation anxiety! We can't walk an inch from you without you crying.
-You continue to love Hunter, but get jealous if he sits in our lap. You will come over to us and try to push Hunter out or climb over top of him to get in our lap.
-You had your first hair cut this week. Your hair was a hot mess; it is very thin and you have two cowlicks. There was nothing we could do (except maybe put gel in your hair) to tame the wildness! So, we cut it. You look more like a little boy now.
His hair actually isn't that bad in these pictures

-You are cutting your two bottom molars. That will put your teeth count to 10. Hopefully the top two cut soon so we can just get it all over with, ha.

My next post in your development will be me saying good-bye to a baby and hello to a toddler. Wahhh!

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