Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas and New Year's Eve

We had a wonderful Christmas. This year, I took off the Tuesday and Wednesday before Christmas and already have Fridays off. It was nice to spend so much time with the boys.

On Christmas Eve, we let the boys open the gifts they got for each other. Gavin "picked out" a blue stuffed owl (to match Hunter's pink one) and Hunter picked out a stuffed dinosaur for Gavin. They both took their animals to bed with them.

We keep Christmas simple for the kids. Hunter got his Roboraptor he had been asking for and two books from Santa and then a game, How To Train Your Dragon 2 (which I got the wrong one, mommy fail, but we went and got the right one), and an Ironman action figure. Gavin got a ride on toy (one that was Hunter's, then Charlotte borrowed it for a while, and now it's back here), a music shaker, and a book from Santa. We got him a book, a shape sorter, and a ball tower. They were spoiled by our families! They brought home lots of clothes, toys, and books! Hunter has a huge dinosaur stuffed animal (almost as tall as he is) that sleeps in his bed every night.

He does not like Roboraptor and makes this face with, "Uhhh!" when he hears it

I got an early Christmas present in December (not by choice). We bought a new (to us) car. My car was totaled in an accident (I'll write a post later once every thing is totally finished with it) that was the fault of the lady behind me (not paying attention).

On New Year's Eve, we went to Harry and Kelly's once we got off of work. We go there every year, but seem to leave earlier every year (must be getting old.... or just have too young of kids, ha). Hunter has a blast playing with Emma and Alyssa and Gavin just enjoys watching them run around. Hunter got to enjoy sparklers for the first time.

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