Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gavin at 6 months

Half a year (on the 15th)?!  Seriously??  I cannot believe it!  This is going way too fast.  My baby is growing to be a big boy and I want it to slow down!!

At 6 months...
-You're sitting up unassisted.  After a while, you just fall over.  You haven't quite figured out how to get yourself out of sitting.  We are working on this.
-Your favorite person is still, hands down, Hunter.  You could watch him forever (except when you're hungry).
-You're still very hangry.  At least now we have a good schedule going and I can anticipate this.  You're getting solids 3x a day.  So far, you love bananas, apples, plums, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pears.  You're not a fan of peaches or green beans.  I've been mixing flavors together and you love it.
-You are in 12 month clothing.  I thought this was totally crazy, until I realized that Hunter was also in 12 month clothing at 6 months of age.
-You still don't care to roll.  You have done it, but you'd rather either stay on your back and go side to side to play with toys, or stay on your tummy (and then cry when you're finished).  I go through the motions with you so you continue to feel what you should be doing.
-Recently, when you've been on your tummy, you are trying to go forward.  Maybe this will prompt you to flip to your belly independently.  Probably not.
-You are still a big talker, screamer, and growler.  I've never heard a baby make so much noise!
-You have separation anxiety pretty bad.  If you don't notice we've left the room, you're fine, until we come back in and try to leave.  This makes cooking very tricky.
-You have two bottom teeth and I can feel a top one about to come through.  I love seeing your toothy smile!
-You still wake up 1-2x per night.  I don't know at what age babies start sleeping through the night, but I'm looking forward to that day for you!
-Your eczema is still bad, but has improved since starting solids.  This only makes me believe that you have a milk allergy versus a sensitivity.  We will see what dermatology says in two weeks.
-We've moved you to a "big boy" car seat.  That carrier is just too heavy now!

We went for his well visit today (19th).  He is 19 pounds, 4 ounces (80-85%ile) and 27.2 inches (80%ile).  We discussed his waking up frequently for a feeding at night.  Nutritionally, he does not need to eat in the middle of the night.  Dr. S assured us he is not "starving".  At 6 months they go through some sort of sleep disturbance/REM something (I didn't write it down).  This makes total sense because Saturday he started waking up every 2 hours.  I asked if we should let him cry it out, and he said that was our personal decision, but he did not NEED those feedings.  He also may have mentioned it could cause him to become over weight.  Soooo tonight we will do our version of cry it out.

Dr. S would also like us to keep our dermatology appointment (I was going to) because he would like them to see Gavin.  We have that next Wednesday.

He is not concerned that he isn't rolling around since he is doing so well sitting.  When we mentioned it, I'm pretty sure he said, "I don't care about that!  Look how well he is sitting.  He can obviously roll."

What I love the most about our pediatrician is that he spent probably a good 15-20 minutes discussing all sorts of things with us before he even started the exam on Gavin.  Our appointments never feel rushed  and I know I'll be able to get all the information I want and need before I leave.

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