Monday, May 19, 2014

Gavin at 3 months

He has been into his toes lately

3 months already?!  Seriously, where does the time go?  I feel like we just brought him home.  Sigh.

He is loving his time with Aunt Ashley during the week.  And she sends us lots of pictures and videos.  It is so nice to see his little face during the day, it makes my heart happy when I get texts from her.

Gavin isn't rolling over yet, although I'm sure he is more than capable of doing it if he could figure out his arm.  He will get on his side and hang out, and if you nudge his butt he knows how to move his head to go to his belly.  He has been getting so mad at himself when he tries really hard to get to his belly and can't.  The whole time he is trying, he is talking away as if telling himself he can do it!

We have a pretty good nightly routine.  He sometimes gets a bath (again, second baby syndrome, but he also has that bad eczema, so the less we dry it out in the water, the better) and a bottle at 7:30.  He falls asleep and we put him in his crib.  At 10:30ish I go in and put a night time diaper on him and feed him 4 ounces.  He falls back asleep and wakes up around 3:45 am for another 4 ounces (although Sunday night he slept from the 10:30 feed until 5:30) and then goes back to sleep. Carl and I have been taking turns getting up with him in the middle of the night.

Gavin adores his older brother and loves to just stare at him in the car.  He also really loves his daddy but loves to have his night time snuggle with me (or I might just monopolize that after 7:30 bottle snuggle time, but I think he likes my night time snuggles more).

It finally seems like we have his reflux under control without medicine.  It acts up every now and then, but nothing like it was.  Poor babe.  We trialed Zantac (didn't work at all) then he was on Prevacid for a while.  That eventually seemed to make him projectile vomit so we stopped it.  No more projectile vomit.  He is on Nutramigen, but at our 4 month appointment I'm going to discuss when we can trial sensitive formula with him.

He talks up a storm!  I've never seen a kid his age so vocal (not that I'm an expert or have been around a ton of kids his age).  He loves to have the give and take vocalizations with you.  Super cute.  And his facial expressions kill me!  And he is so advanced for his age, he is saying "ma" and "hi".  It's so nice to have a speech pathologist for a mother.  Only kidding, I'm well aware he is not actually saying those things.
Does he not have the cutest little belly button?!

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