Monday, June 13, 2011

Things That Will Disappear as of June 22

Paci (aka Plug)

The bottle

And hopefully this type of sippy cup

Paci won't be an issue.  He goes down without it and rarely ever has it.  He will put it in his mouth if he sees it, but he doesn't actually need it.

Bottle shouldn't be a big issue.  At our house, he only gets it right before bed.  In the morning, he takes his formula from his sippy cup (he gets it during the day at Mrs. Cathy's, which is fine, that is their bonding time).  So the transition from "milk" in a bottle to a sippy cup will be no problem.... except maybe at night.  I have never given him the sippy cup for bed because it doesn't hold as much formula as the bottle does.  I'm pretty sure that the sippy cup that he currently has would hold 6 oz of regular milk, but not of the formula (you know, because it is actually more than 6 oz).

Sippy cup is a whole other issue.  He takes it just fine.  This is the only sippy cup I have ever been able to get him to drink from (I have a whole cabinet full of different ones!).  He loves it even the pink and purple one. I got desperate when I couldn't find any more "manly" ones and we only had the one at the time.  The problem I have is that his tongue is coming forward and out of his mouth to drink from it.  I don't want him to continue to have a tongue thrust when he is drinking.  I would also like him to get more practice drinking from a cup that is more like a real cup.  Obviously he is no where near ready for a cup without a lid, but the sippy cup above is very similar to a bottle (hence the concern of the tongue thrust).

I saw this in one of the parenting magazines I get and found it on Amazon:

I liked it because there isn't a nipple, there isn't a valve, and you can take the top off and it becomes a cup with handles.

Amazon also suggested these:

OXO Tot Training Cup

Boon Fluid No Spill Toddler Cup


Anyone have any other suggestions?  I think I'm going to purchase the first one I found.  If that doesn't work, then I will try some of the others (well, I need to find ones with lids).

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Sarah said...

Poor guy. Ha ha!! He is so cute. I can't believe he is almost 1.