Thursday, June 23, 2011

12 Month Appointment

On the way to the doctors... silly boy

Here are Hunter's stats at 12 months:
-Weight: 22 pounds, 6 ounces
-Height: 30 inches
-Head circumference: 49 (inches? I don't know)

He is in the 50th percentile for weight and a little above the 50th for height.  I was a little concerned he only gained 1 pound 3 ounces and .7 inches in 3 months, but our pediatrician didn't seem concerned.  Maybe that's normal?

He had to get a toe stick to draw blood to test his hemoglobin levels.  It came back 12.1 and the typical range is 10-12 so they said he was great.  He didn't cry for this.  He just watched as the nurse did it.  He was most upset over the band-aid on his toe.  He did his little pterodactyl screech until I took it off.

He also had to get 3 shots.  As soon as the needles went in he screamed.  As soon as I picked him up, he was fine.  He even smiled at the nurses as they left.  He apparently wasn't too bothered by them.

And here is another sneak peak of the photo session yesterday with Sarah.  Soooo good!

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Sarah said...

Awww. Glad the appointment went well. Yes that is pretty normal since they are getting so mobile. It is 49cm for head. :) Those are two of my favorites. So adorable.