Saturday, August 28, 2010

What happens when Mommy goes to work...

I started work (well, "training") on Wednesday. My mom came to our house that day and watched Hunter for us. It made going to work for the first time easier (I will use that term loosely... I still cried like a baby... does it ever get any easier?!). On Thursday Hunter went to my sister's house. He was surrounded by 5 other little girls and 2 women. They did lots of fun things (like play dress up) and Molly even helped rock him. I think Carl may never let Hunter go play alone at Mel's house again, haha. You can see more of his adventure here. Friday Hunter went and played with Kelly and Emma. They went to a kid friendly farm. Kelly got to practice having Emma and a newborn (no, she's not pregnant but when the time comes...). Again, he was surrounded by a ton of little girls and women. All the estrogen made him a very tired little man... he slept from before 9 (Carl was home with him last night, so I didn't get a specific time) until 5:30... then went back down at 6:30 and work up just before 10:30. Thanks again Mom, Mel, and Kelly for taking care of our baby boy!
In the car with lots of girls
And this was little man at 10:15 this morning... knocked out! (He is only on his belly because I moved him from my chest to the bed and I was awake in the same room with him.)

This week was of work was an introduction to the system, some special education meetings, and then setting up my room. I have found a few unwanted guests in my room so I have cloroxed and lysoled basically my whole room. Next week I will be at my school (except my speech inservice day at another school) doing inservices and developing a schedule for my kiddos (and finishing up my room).

Friday night was one of my best friend's wedding shower. The ladies who threw it did a wonderful job and Ashley got a lot of great stuff! I am very excited for her and Chris' wedding! I can't wait to be a part of their special day.

With her bow bouquet.

I'm glad she already knew what I bought her and that everyone who was there doesn't judge. I thought I bought silver wrapping paper. I opened it and started to unroll it and realized that it was CLEAR. Ugh. So, I just threw some of that Easter grass type bag filler on the clear "wrapping paper" and wrapped it up. I wish I hadn't deleted the picture off of my phone. Can I still blame that sort of thing on the baby brain?

And two more pictures for your viewing pleasure:
Koal isn't really suppose to be in Hunter's room. He likes to push this boundary and will inch his way in. I thought this was just too cute and took a picture before I kicked Koal out into the hall.

Must have been a long morning.

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