Saturday, July 11, 2015


It is a season of change in this house. This "Type A" personality of mine is going crazy with all the change! It is, for the most part, good change. Each of us in this house is having something changing (or just recently changed).

-Family: We traded in my car and purchased a minivan! I'm in love. I had always said I would NEVER drive a minivan. Never say never, huh? I don't have to worry about Hunter hitting his car door into another car door, no bending down to get them in, super roomy. It's great! I'm officially "old" as Kelly says.

-Carl: Lost his job he had for 10 years, but snagged an amazing job a few weeks later. The timing couldn't have been any better. He absolutely loves it! I'm so happy for him.

-Hunter: This is his last session at GBMS. We are so, so sad. I know he will do fine going into his public kindergarten classroom, but when you've had it planned in your head even before birth that he would stay there until 1st grade, it's a hard transition (for me, not for him). Everyone Hunter has had the pleasure to be with at GBMS is so loving and caring, I'm really going to miss that.

-Gavin: Our wonderful sitter will be finished in August. I'm so sad over this. She has been amazing. Gavin has grown to love his "Lele" and even this week snuggled up to her when I told him it was time to leave! She gave us plenty of notice, so we were able to find a new lady who seems very nice and was upbeat and energetic. Gavin is a creature of habit, so I'm sure the first week will be hard, but he will warm up and get there!

-Tiffany: My last day with our local pediatric outpatient facility will be August 6. I have accepted a position with our local school system. It is very bittersweet. I'm excited for all the time I will now have with my boys, but it's going to be very hard to leave. The ladies there are like family and they have helped me grow as a therapist in so many ways.

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