Saturday, November 29, 2014

Gavin at 9 months

I'm way late. I did start this prior to Gavin turning 9 months old. Can I lie and say I was waiting until his 9 month appointment to post? Let's go with that!
At 9 months, Gavin is....
-Not "creeping". Apparently, according to my pediatrician, "crawling" is the act of them moving (so scooting backwards), "creeping" is them getting on their hands and knees and moving forward. So, technically, Gavin is crawling.
-Imitating movements and sounds. His new phrase is "uh oh". He is saying "dada" now as well and "Hunter"... for real. It's on video.
-Continuing to grow his receptive language. He understands when we tell him, "Hold your bottle" and "Make it pop!" (he will pull his paci out of his mouth and make a "pop" noise).
-Giving kisses and high fives. Appropriately waving "hi" and "bye".
-He has 7 teeth! He had 5 come in all at the same time.
-Has a strong personality. If he doesn't want something, he lets you know!
-Continues to love Hunter and Daddy the most. If Daddy walks into the room and I'm holding him (or anyone else) he will scream until Carl picks him up.

At his 9 month appointment, he weighed 22 pounds, 12 ounces (78%ile) and was 28.94 inches (66%ile). His head circumference was 48 cm (95%ile). Dr. S said he was very social. Gavin was super mean and pushed him away when he was trying to look in his ears and mouth and listen to his heart. He has quite the attitude!

As a side note, when you work with a pediatric population who mainly has developmental delays across the board, it is amazing to see typical progress. Some days I think, "Oh my gosh! He's a genius!" and I have to stop myself and just say, "No, he's typically developing." I currently have a student and one of our kiddos is working on looking for objects to reappear when they disappear and actively searching for/uncovering an object when covered. She asked how I would know when to score an accurate response. To answer her question, I made a video of Gavin. Carl and I are blessed to have our kids meeting these milestones.

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